Thursday, February 4, 2010

Better Beer Authority Rating Scale

Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery SystemHere is the BBA rating scale guide for both our audience and our reviewers. We are still perfecting the ratings system and tastebuds. I'm sure some of our first ratings don't fit in precisely with what is written below. However, now that it is set in stone, and available for the public to read and debate, we will try and keep our reviewers honest.

BBA Rating Scale
10 – Best of the Best – personal favorite – You would put this in your top five beers - only one in every 40-50 beers should receive this high honor

9 – Very Highly Recommended – This is a beer that you are excited to drink – You recommend it to everyone and buy it whenever available - only one in every 15-20 beers should receive this honor

8 – Recommended – Solid beer, with nice flavor and presentation – would happily drink it or buy it when available and would even recommend others do the same.

7 – Good – Has a nice flavor and presentation – would drink it any day of the week and would choose it over other beers at a bar, restaurant or store.

Libbey 6-Piece 22-1/2-Ounce Giant Pub Beer Pilsner Set6 – Slightly Above Average – would happily drink another, but probably wouldn’t inspire you to seek it out later

5 – Average – Can finish the beer, would have another if that was the all that was available, but probably wouldn’t seek it out later.

4 – Sub Par – can finish this beer, but probably wouldn’t have another.

3 – Off-putting – has off-putting flavors and aromas – can’t finish this beer.

2 – Disgusting – has odd flavors and aromas – one sip is too many, can’t finish this beer – may be skunked

1 – Spit it out – Drinking this would make you sick – Could be a skunked beer/bad batch of homebrew – A beer this bad would have a hard time staying on the market, therefore this is a very rare rating.

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