Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Episode 10: Nut Brown Ale, Bluegrass Brewing Company

March 22, 2010
Review #10

Brewery: Bluegrass Brewing Company
Website: www.bbcbrew.com
Beer: English Style Brown Ale
Beersperts: Scott B, Joby J, Adam H
Beerspert Panel Rating: 6.7
Available: Kentucky

Notes from the brewery:
BBC Nut Brown Ale has a diverse grain bill which lends this traditional English ale a variety of flavors that coalesce into a remarkably smooth and pleasant drink. Additions of various pale, caramel and dark malts create a smooth, sweet malt profile with hints of roasted nuttiness. Multiple additions of English hops round out the flavors and give this classic beer a true flavor of the Old World.

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 29
CAL (12oz.):

Scott B
Looks like a pot of coffee or a dark sun-tea. Nothing really stands out about this beer. An average ale, middle of the road. I would drink it if it was available but I wouldn't choose it over most other beers.
Rating: 6

Joby J
I would drink this at the Kentucky Derby, but then again I would drink anything at the Kentucky Derby. I was excited about this beer as a dark beer drinker, but as an ale it throws you off with the hops. Has the coffee start but the hoppy aftertaste that isn't appealing to me.
Rating: 6

Adam H
I like the flavor, a chocolaty hoppyness. I think it tastes like Nutella. Drawback is it's not as thick as a stout but it is of course a dark ale. Has a full flavor. I like it a lot.
Rating: 8


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