Monday, March 29, 2010

Episode 11: Murphy's Irish Stout, Heineken Brewery Ireland, Ltd

March 29, 2010
Review #11

Brewery: Heineken Brewery Ireland, Ltd
Beer: Dry Stout
Beersperts: Scott B, Joby J, Adam H
Beerspert Panel Rating: 7.6
Available: Worldwide

Notes from the brewery:

ABV: 4.0%
CAL (12oz):

Scott B
A bitter, chocolaty balanced taste, the taste of alcohol is unpronounced. I'd drink it with some fish and chips but I wouldn't drink a bunch of them.
Rating: 6

Joby J
A thick and creamy head but a thin feel in the mouth. Hard not to compare this beer to Guinness, when you think of a dark stout you think of Guinness. I'm not sure I can tell the difference between this and Guinness.
Rating: 8

Adam H
My chocolate milk. I love this beer, I would drink this anytime of the day.
Rating: 9


  1. Interesting, how do I get on that panel. . . .

  2. nothing makes me madder than going to a pub and they only have murphys and not Guinness. great review guys

  3. Were you reviewing Murphy's or Guinness? I couldn't count the number of times you guys mentioned Guinness in your review; try focusing on the beer at hand. Either way they both aren't very good.


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