Tuesday, March 9, 2010

FAQ: Are you guys really beer experts?

Absolutely not!  Don't let the fancy graphics and catchy theme song fool you!

The 50 Greatest Beers in the World: An Expert's Ranking of the Very BestSure the name "Better Beer Authority" implies a certain amount of expertise, but it sounded way catchier than "The Mediocre Beverage Novices" or "The Half-Ass Hops Brigade".  Besides, this is the moniker that we are striving for.

The main strength of our show is that we are beer drinkers looking to expand our knowledge about beer.  That's why we include an educational element in each episode.  If you tune in every week you will learn lots of fun facts from "What is a session beer?" to "Why is barley the most used grain in beer?"

We research each episode and want to make them informative and concise.  We know we have a long way to go to reach perfection, but we strive to make each episode better than the last.

However, even as we learn more about beer, our goal is not to be too "inside baseball" with our conversation in the show.  We want this show to be accessible for beer lovers whether they have tried 5 beers or 5000 beers.  We aren't striving for an all-encompassing look at the beers.  We just want to give a snapshot that allows you to decide whether you want to learn more about the beer or whether you should taste it for yourself.

Each reviewer has a different beer history that they bring to the table.  Adam is a chef and has the most experience describing flavors and aromas.  Scott is the vagabond renegade whose many past lives bring a wealth of knowledge (some of it useful) to the table.  Joby is our resident "Joe 6-Pack" who represents the perspective of the average American guy.

As of last night, we have taped 10 reviews and it feels like we have come a long way since our first review of Schlafly Pale Ale.  We have already learned so much about beer and our tastebuds are enjoying the adventure.

We are having a blast working on this show and we can't wait until we have 100 episodes in the can.

P.S.  Try Raging Bitch from the Flying Dog Brewery.  It's delicious.


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