Friday, April 2, 2010

16 Mile Brewery - Amber Sun Ale

I spent a weekend in Cincinnati earlier this month.  My friend Dave brought a uniquely-bottled beer from a new brewery in Georgetown, Delaware.  Amber Sun Ale from the 16 Mile Brewery came in a 22oz aluminum "bottle".

It's made of metal, but they call it a bottle.  When I think metal I think of a can.  Maybe the should call it a "cottle" or a "ban"?  "Cattle"? "Mottle"?  What word would you use to describe this metal bottle-shaped thingy?

The  brewery claims on their website that the "cottle" is somehow going to save the earth.  I don't doubt these claims.  I just hope it's not too late.  16 Mile - the earth needs you and your delicious beverages.  If only their beer could somehow bring world peace too.  Just a thought.

Anyways - this is a dark beer that let's a little light through, but won't let you make out Dave's goofy grin on the other side of the glass.  I'm going to call the color Amber Brown.  The head is thick and this beer scores big on the look.

The aroma is very fruity - I'm picking up apricots, caramel and something that reminds me of the Dum Dum Pops that I used to get from doctor when I was little.  Mmmm.... Doctor.

Upon putting the bev to the mouth, I find that the beer is a little lighter in mouthfeel than it looks.  It's not nearly as sweet as the smell would lead you to believe it's going to be.  It's decently balanced with a light hop bitterness.  Doesn't linger too long in the mouth.

This is a good beer and gets bonus points for being from a cool, new brewery.  I'd recommend supporting it (even though its a little pricey for my cheap ass).

16 Mile only has three beers available, so I'm curious to taste what the other beers are like.  Although, being in Ohio, it's going to be difficult unless my boy Dave or the brewery hooks me up.  Can you hear me  guys?  I'm hollerin' at ya!
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It would be fun to do a full-blown BBA episode about their "Old Court Ale".  For all of our fans - I'll get to work on making that happen.  Until then,  let us know if you're able to find this beer, where you find it and what you think of it.

BBA rating: 7



  1. James,

    Brett from 16 Mile.......happy to provide additional samples. Please contact us by our web site!!!! Thanks for trying and helping to introduce our brand.


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