Sunday, April 18, 2010

Biking and Beer - Duchesse De Bourgogne

Nothing works up an appetite for beer like an epic mountain bike ride.  Fellow "extreme" cyclist, JT Shilling, and I went out for a morning ride at Alum Creek State Park with some Duchesse De Bourgogne waiting in the car.

We stockpiled about 20 miles running over bridges, logs, roots and squirrels.  We even bunny-hopped a few injured mountain bikers.  Out of our way!  No mercy!  We are shredding trail so don't mess with us.  Anyways...

After all the radical moves, we finished up, headed back to my place and opened up the Duchesse De Bourgogne on the BBA set.  It was a gorgeous site to two thirsty, rundown lads.

The drink had plenty of carbonation and felt very active in our mouths.  It had a great scent and light, refreshing berry taste that seemed perfect after a hard ride.  This was definitely not the usual beer flavors that most Americans are used to like hops and malt.  It was very champagney and had that nice, artistic Belgian touch.

If I had a veranda (but I don't), then this would be a great drink to enjoy on it with salad and some grilled pork chops (which I also don't have).  Regardless, I wouldn't mind finishing off another ride with this fine beverage.

BBA Rating: 9



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