Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hoegaarden - Light Bulb Above Head.

Several days ago I bought some Hoegaarden because I was craving a Belgian witbier.  I was inspired by a delicious witbier from Flying Dog Brewery and wanted to relive that taste.  I poured the Hoegaarden into a glass and was disappointed at the weak flavor.  The bottles were quickly deprioritized to the back of the fridge.

After couple days of working my way through the supply of beer in my fridge I was faced with the abandoned Hoegaarden.  I reluctantly pulled it out of the fridge, but decided not to pour it into a glass.  Chug-a-lug, straight from the bottle.

Wait a minute!  This tastes much better.  It's a much more concentrated flavor and aroma.

Hmmm....  Is Hoegaarden better from a bottle than a glass?


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