Thursday, June 10, 2010

16 Mile Brewery - Summary and upcoming reviews

I have just finished trying Blues' Golden Ale and Old Court Ale from the 16 Mile Brewery in Georgetown, Delaware.  This is the smallest microbrewery in the second smallest state in the nation.

16 Mile was founded in July of 2009 and this new brewery only has 3 beers in their lineup.  Since I've had the pleasure of trying Amber Sun Ale also, that means that I have had every beer the brewery offers.  I think this is the first brewery where I have actually tasted all of their beers.

I really like how this brewery emphasizes environmentalism and embraces its local history.  The labels on the bottles each highlight something historic in Georgetown, DE.

Here's my summary -

Old Court Ale - This is everyone's favorite - a middle-of-the-road taste bud pleaser.  It's billed as an American-style ale.  On both and they call it a pale ale, but it is definitely not that.  This should be the craft beer drinker's first experience with the brewery in my opinion.

Blue's Golden Ale - This is their gateway beer or starter beer.  People who get overwhelmed by the big beers of the craft world should try this light, refreshing beer.  It's a golden ale and has some similarities to Budweiser or MGD, but with more flavor and uniqueness.  It's also a great lawnmower/patio beer!  (The ABV on this one is 6%, so people accustomed to their favorite macrobrew might find themselves unexpectedly buzzed.)

Amber Sun Ale - This is for someone who is looking for something a little more unique.  It has a wonderful apricot aroma and the most hop bitterness of their three beers.  The fruity esters jump into your nose, but it is not a fruity beer.  It's not a hop bomb by any means either.

I'd like to thank David Hartogs for introducing me to Amber Sun Ale on his trip to Cincy.  Drinking a good beer with friends always makes it taste better.  I'd also like to thank 16 Mile for sending us Old Court Ale and Blue's Golden Ale.  It was a nice treat.

Please tune in to our show in the next couple weeks to see our video reviews of Blue's Golden and Old Court.

***First image stolen from the 16 Mile website, Second image stolen from Chris Schmidt's patio***


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