Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Columbus Beerfest 1 - Beer Recommendations

The Better Beer Authority set up shop on the floor of the Columbus Beerfest at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. In this video we recommend 3 beers from the festival. This is the first of several videos we shot at the convention center.

Partial Transcript "On Tap -- Columbus Beerfest.

Hi. I am James Knott and we are here for a special episode of the Better Beer Authority. Today we are mixing it up a little. We are not reviewing one beer. We are going to get three recommendations of beers based on what our panelists have tasted here. They've each selected a very special beer that they would like to point out to you and then they are just going to give you their reason why.

So Scott, you've tried a couple of beers now. What' sticking out to you?

Scott Blickhan: So far I've tried a lot of great beers. A lot of them stick out, but I'm going to recommend that people try Founder's Pale Ale. It's a good beer. It's very balanced. That's what I like about it. It kind of has a slightly citrusy taste, but it's bitter as well, it's got a good mix of things. I definitely think they should try it.

James Knott: You were talking to the people from Founder's. Did you get any good information?

Scott: Yeah, he had a lot of good things to say. They are one of the fastest growing craft brewers around. I think he said that they were #4 on this year. #7 last year.

James: In terms of what? Growth?

Scott: No, as far as ranking of craft breweries. I think he said they were ranked #4 this year and #7 last year. He had a lot of good things to say about the brewery. They are doing some good things.

James: Ok. Joby, What beer has really stuck out to you so far?

Joby: James, I went with the Brooklyn Summer Ale.

James: Ok. What did you like about it?

Joby: Well, I actually liked the balance between the hops and the barley with the beer there. I could actually see myself sitting out on the patio during the summer and having a couple of these. It's very light and refreshing. It's a good beer. A very well-balanced beer.

James: Ok. What do you think about the Columbus Beerfest so far?

Joby: It's pretty intense. There's a 150 plus beers here. You gravitate normally to the beers you're going to like. What I'm trying to do is I'm going to try and gravitate away from those beers and taste different beers, like your IPAs and your hoppier beers so my palate starts enjoying those more.

James: So, you get 25 5 ounce tastings. That's the equivalent of ten beers. Is it hard to pace yourself?

Joby: Well for us, not really. No. Actually it is because these beers aren't your normal BMC -- Bud Miller Coors -- higher ABV beers so they are a little stronger. Even though you're drinking 5 oz glasses, you've got to take your time and pace yourself a little more.

James: Yeah. Alright Adam, what do you got on your plate here.

Adam Harms: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale -- It's from the Alltech Brewing Company out of Lexington, Kentucky. It's a pretty neat beer. It's brewed in Bourbon Barrels, so it's got that bourbon flavor to it. It also has a vanilla scent to it. Really smooth. It's kind of a buttery finish. Almost a butterscotch flavor to it. It really coats your mouth really well.

James: One thing I learned is that it is Kentucky Ale -- the exact same beer -- its just put into a bourbon barrel and aged. The flavor difference is amazing.

Adam: It's night and day. Kentucky Ale is your standard ale beer and then you mix it into a bourbon barrel and it gets so many different flavor compositions to it.

James: Alright, what booth are you looking forward to heading to?

Adam: You know I just stopped by founders and had just one glass from Founder's. I'm not really all that sure. It's just a little bit overwhelming all the beers that are here.

James: It is.

Adam: It's incredible. This is a great turn out. It's got to be over 2000 people here. It's a great turnout for the first beerfest ever.

James: That is it for our first episode from the Columbus Beer Festival here at the Columbus Convention Center. We're going to shoot three more episodes here from the convention center so we hope you will continue to tune in and see what we find. We're more focused on our recommendations and wow, let's go check out some more beer guys."

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