Sunday, June 6, 2010

Columbus Beerfest 3 - Beer Recommendations

Rough Transcript:

James:  On tap – Columbus Beerfest.

Hi.  I’m James Knott and this is your Better Beer Authority.  Tonight is day 2 of the Columbus beerfest.  We have a new panelist.  Mr. Chad Wortman is joining us with his evaluation of the beer all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina.  You’ve been here at the beerfest.  What did you find?  What’s sticking out to you so far?

Chad:  Well, first I would like to say that I am a long time supporter, first time contributor and it feels really good to be here.

James:  Cheers.

Chad:  I like what you’re doing it feels really good to be a part of it.  The Columbus Beerfest.  You can see the energy behind us.  It’s packed in here.  Everyone’s excited.  Everyone’s drinking.  Everyone’s having a good time.  I’ve had a lot of good beers today.  The one that stuck out almost immediately was the Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale.  It’s got a malt finish.

Adam Harms:  That’s from Elevator Brewing Company?

Chad:  Yeah.  It’s an Elevator Brewing Company beer.

James:  Joby, what are you finding?

Joby Johnston:  You know I’ve been here second day now and over 150 beers.  It’s tough not to gravitate towards something you love.

James:  I’d like to emphasize that Joby has not had 150 beers.

Joby:  I have not had 150 beers.

Chad:  He’s trying to get there though.

Adam:  I have.

Joby:  Trying to get there, but I haven’t.  Anyways, I went back to an old favorite.  I went back to the Sam Adams Irish Red.

James:  Ok.  What do you like about that one?

Joby:  It’s actually a personal favorite of mine.  It’s one of those beers that I can drink anytime of the day – any season of the month.  It’s just a smooth, crisp, red beer that I can drink.

James:  Day 2 - Joby, do you see yourself coming back next year?

Joby:  Like Chad was saying, this is an awesome event.  If you’re a beer drinker in Columbus, OH or surrounding areas and you’re not here or have tickets to come next year, then you’re missing out.  You need to be here.  This is a great event.  Look at the people.  We’re having a great time drinking beer.  What else could you ask for?

James:  Alright Adam, it’s a little more crowded tonight.  Are you able to get through and find those beers?

Adam:  Oh yeah.  I’ve been trying to get through and drink as many beers as I possibly can.  I found a new one by Founder’s.  They rolled out a new one.  It’s called Double Trouble.  They actually ran out already.  They only had an eighth barrel here so far.  It’s a really nice ale that’s brewed in a maple – oak bourbon barrel. Had a very intense flavor.  Had a sweet, then hops, then some vanilla, then it had a really heavy mouthfeel – almost like butter where it really coated your mouth really well.  I really liked it a lot.

James:  Yeah.  We’ve just had tons of great feedback about Founder’s.  So far I haven’t heard of anyone come back from the Founder’s table without something good to say.  I’ve only had two beers so far – both excellent – I plan on hitting the Founder’s table again.  Is there any tables that you haven’t hit – any of you – that you would like to get back to?

Joby:  I haven’t, but I’m right there with you with the Founder’s.  It’s been great.  Every beer I’ve had there has been just awesome.

James:  Yeah.  It’s sounds like on beeradvocate that they’re gaining a lot of fans.  They’re growing really fast.  So…

Joby:  Some of the local breweries from around here, that are here like the old Wooden Shoe has three good beers here and…

James:  What do you think?  Do you like Wooden Shoe?

Chad:  I mean I’ve got one of their beers right here James.  It’s the bock beer.  They gave me a bottle because they are big fans of us.  I like a Bock generally and this is one of the best ones that I’ve had.  It’s really smooth.  It doesn’t give you a bitter aftertaste.  It’s brewed in Minster, Ohio and they’ve got a good fried chicken at the restaurant that would go great with this.

James:  Alright.  I’m giving my shout out to Dogfish Head Chickory Stout.  I’m just in a smoky mood tonight and this is a good smoky beer.  I’m James Knott.  We’re going to go back.  We’re going to try some more beer and this is your Better Beer Authority.  See you later.

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