Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA - Beer Review

Beer Geeks love this beer. It is the most reviewed beer at Did we agree with the geeks? Do we have a little geek inside each of us? Of course, but watch it anyways.

Partial Transcript: "On tap – 90 Minute Imperial IPA

Hi, I’m James Knott. Today we are talking about 90 Minute Imperial IPA from the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware. It was released in 2001 and has been reviewed more than any other beer on

This imperial IPA, also called double IPA, is 9 percent ABV, 90 IBUs and the brewery recommends drinking it out of a snifter. They suggest that there are flavors like brandied fruitcake, raisin and citrus.

Dogfish Head uses a process called Continual hopping in which they add hops to the boil continuously for 90 minutes – hence the name.

In 2003, Dogfish Head released two sister beers called 60 & 120 Minute IPA. The 60 & 90 are both year-round releases, while the 120 minute IPA is only brewed three times per year.


90 Minute IPA gets a (???) on the BBA Scale. Which do you prefer? 60 – 90 – or 120 minute IPA? Let us know in the comment section. Thanks for watching. I’m James Knott and this is your Better Beer Authority."

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  1. I reviewed it recently. 99/100..Perhaps my favorite. I love the "Alehouse 75" available at the brewpubs on tap: a mix of the 60 and 90! (@nova_beer)


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