Monday, November 22, 2010

Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter - Beer Review

On Tap -- Taddy Porter

Hi. I'm James Knott. Today we are drinking The Famous Taddy Porter from Samuel Smith's Old Brewery in Tadcaster, England. The brewery was opened in 1758. Sam Smith's beers are distributed in the U.S. by Merchant du Vin.

This English Porter is an ale and 5% ABV. The brewery says to look for the "intense, dry tangy character of roasted barley." It is sold in 18.7 oz and 12 oz bottles.

As a style, Porter originated in England in the 18th century. This dark beer was named because of its popularity among the transportation workers of the day, who were known as porters. Stout and porter are related beer styles. Stronger, darker porters were once known as "Stout porters" and the name was eventually shortened to stout.


Taddy Porter gets a (???) on the BBA scale. Tell us about your favorite porter in the comment section. Thanks for watching. I'm James Knott and this is your Better Beer Authority.


  1. Where can Taddy be bought in Columbus?

  2. Kenny Road Market for sure. Maybe The Anderson's. Let me know if you need more suggestions.

  3. Taddy can be bought at the giant eagle in Hilliard also


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