Monday, February 21, 2011

Chimay Grande Reserve (Blue) - Beer Review

The Better Beer Authority takes on Chimay Grande Reserve (Blue). It's from one of only 7 trappist breweries in the world - six in Belgium - one in The Netherlands. It's a quadruple Belgian dark strong ale. Which panelist do you think will love it the most? You might be surprised!


  1. Well... Since you asked and what my favorite Trappist is and currently I am drinking my way through them. I would immediately say Rochefort 8. Hands down has been my favorite Trappist so far, I would say a 9 rating.

    Also. I wasn't impressed with the Chimays. I would agree with you on the rating. Any restaurant that has Chimay Blue, probably has something that I like better. But if it doesn't I would have no reservations about getting this beer.

  2. Are those bock goats hanging from the under appreciated Chimay bottles?

    Its pouring rain, in the 30's, and the Chimay blue I just finished makes a much better warming beer than a high ABV stout/porter/BW or dopplebock, at least for me.

    How about reviewing the other Trappistes offerings - I'm interested in how you guys would rate Rochefort 8 or Westmalle Tripel.

  3. Those are the Ayinger goats. We taped this the same night as Celebrator. We just hung them on there as a joke to see if anyone would notice.


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