Monday, February 14, 2011

Hopslam Ale - Beer Review

Hopslam comes out once a year with a lot of hype. It can be difficult to get your hands on and when you find it you pay a premium. Was it worth the hassle and price of admission? The Better Beer Authority discussed the merits of this highly sought-after beer.


  1. why bother rating a beer(Joey)if you do not enjoy the main characteristics of the style?
    Obviously grapefruit is one of many fine qualities an IPA or DIPA has.
    To compare Dogfish Head 90 as the best he has had as far as DIPA just shows lack of understanding or knowlege of the style.
    I suggest rating beers your more familiar with.

  2. @Anonymous - I rated the beer because that's what we do on this show, we rate beers. For me, a fizzy yellow beer drinker, Dogfish Head 90 is my favorite IPA. So of course I'm going to compare Hopslam to DFH90 even though they might not be the exact same style of beers. I gave Hopslam a rating of 7 so it's still pretty high on my list - however, the grapefruit qualities make it a step below. DFH90, IMO. My reviews are for the other 'fizzy yellow beer' drinkers of the world. I'm trying to give them an idea of what to expect from these craft brews. In my opinion, to grow the number of craft beer drinkers you have to convert the fizzy yellow beer drinkers out there. Thanks for watching!

  3. Well said Joey! I mean Joby ;)


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