Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New York City: The Two Ends of Bleecker Street

On a trip to New York City this past weekend I hit an old stomping ground, the Peculiar Pub (over 100 years-old), and a newer place The Blind Tiger (since 1995), heralded by craft beer enthusiast from all over. They are both on Bleecker Street separated by 0.3 miles on one of New York City's best people watching streets.

First up, the Blind Tiger.  I liked it.  It was like a good craft beer, simple at first, yet complex the more you get into it. The layout is a basic bar with wood tones and chalkboard menus. They change their taps and bottles regularly, so this is the only logical way for them to have their menu. Keeping up with their Facebook page and web site before a trip here is a good idea as they update both with their current beer lists. I had a good Oyster Stout from Harpoon and Two Brother's Domaine Dupage which I had never heard of and really liked.

I would classify this bar as a must for any beer enthusiast or someone curious about trying new beers, as the staff was very helpful. The Tiger also has some cask beers on tap as well.

The Peculiar Pub is a different animal. This place can be loud, boisterous and full of students and tourists alike. But I like it a lot. It can also be quiet and relaxed. The low aluminum ceiling is what you would expect from a pub thats over 100 years old.  The beer menu is huge. There are beers from most countries you can think of with decent beer and at least half of the U.S. states. I was disappointed that their only beers from Oregon were five from Rogue. The Rogue Mocha Porter was very good though.
This is a great place to bring a friend who wants to try non-BMC beers.


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