Thursday, August 18, 2011

Green Flash Tasting Room, San Diego

 David Hartogs (left) and author Richard
Hartogs (right) enjoying multiple tastings
after a fun surf session.

This is the second blog from my West Coast vacation. There will be a few more over the next several weeks.

San Diego is known for many things; surfing, fish tacos and beer. I could write a separate review for the Better Surf Authority and Better Fish Taco Authority, but they don't exist.

As far as beer goes, San Diego is a hop-head's paradise. Green Flash Brewing Company has one of the quintessential IPAs - West Coast IPA.  The newly relocated brewery and tasting room near the Mira Mesa area of San Diego was on my list of places to visit. (P.S. How great is it that the parking lot is on Top Gun Rd.???)

The "menu and description of each
Green Flash Beer available.
It's located in an office park, where a brewery felt a little out of place. But it's a great location for them at happy hour time!  Check their website for hours. We arrived at 10 minutes before the 3pm opening and were followed in by many thirsty people.

Pretty much every beer they make is available, and at very reasonable prices too. $1 samples, and $4-$6 pints. Given the samples and pricing, three of us were able to try almost every beer on tap, including the Palate Wrecker Double IPA; which was surprisingly good and not really a palate wrecker.

One of the neat things about the tasting room is that it is located on the Green Flash factory floor. There is virtually no travel distance between tap and source.

They don't have a restaurant on-site, but food trucks come by. The one the day we were there was set to arrive at 5pm and have truffle tater tots! I didn't try them, but wish I did!

There is outdoor seating, picnic tables and such, but I hesitate to call it a beer garden. That being said, I highly recommend a visit to the Green Flash tasting room. One bartender was happy to talk to us and stoked we came from the East Coast.

Stay tuned for next week's travel blog. Will I write another report from the West Coast, or mix it up?

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