Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Beer Store Worth Fighting For!

Earlier this year a beer store was brought to my attention as a local suburban community banded together to save their precious beer and wine shop.

Norm's Beer and Wine of Vienna, VA was the David in this fight going against the Goliath of Fresh Market in a battle of rental space with non-compete clause. A Facebook group called Save Norm's evolved from a few loyal customers to a 1,700+ fan page that attracted local media (Washington Post, NBC 4) in Washington DC and Greensboro, NC, home of Fresh Market. Long story short, Norm's and the community prevailed as Fresh Market learned to never mess with a tight-knit community, and never, ever, fuck with a good beer store!

Now to the good stuff, the beer! Norm's has a great bottle and 6-pack collection, and more! Name any local and regional brewery, and you will find them on the shelves. There is also a great collection of beers from Michigan, California, Oregon, and Europe.

Norm and the rest of the staff are probably some of the nicest, most helpful people I have come across in a beer store. When Sierra Nevada's Tumbler came out and was selling in a 6-pack, I asked if they sold singles of it. The guy I asked told me to just take one out of the sixer! Super cool thing to do.

This is probably pound for pound, hop for hop, the best beer shop in Northern Virgina. If you have a business meeting in the Tyson's area, be sure to check it out. If you live inside the Capital Beltway or DC, make the trek out to Vienna.

Norm's has a newsletter it sends out electronically that features new beer and wines. They also post pictures on new arrivals on Facebook.


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