Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

A general theme for a lot of my travels is that i go for business. While at these various locales, I try to sample the local beer scene or find where to get good craft beer. Las Vegas is a different breed of town since its identity is anything but the desert it lays in.
One night I took my staff to the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino for dinner. Afterwards, I went to the Pub at Monte Carlo where they boast having over 150 beers. I was eager to get there and try some West Coast stuff that I can't get back east. I started with a Deschutes Black Butte Porter, perhaps my favorite beer on the planet. When I asked the bartender about local brews, he let me try some from Sin City Brewery that didn't impress me (although I may have ruined my palate with porter). I asked if they had Pliney the Elder or anything from Russian River; one of the bartenders had no idea what I was talking about.  I finished my evening with a couple of selections from Firestone Walker.
This is not a bad place to sample craft beers while in Las Vegas should you have the need. They carry a lot of different labels from around the world. Being in a major casino, however, the prices were higher than normal.
My first night in town, I started off at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. Is this a touristy place? Yes, it is. Is it a fun place, Oh yes! I have been to the original and had a great time there. It was duplicated in Las Vegas. You get the good German beer, all of which go down easily from the big liter glasses. I ordered a shot of Jagermesiter (I was on a mission that night) and the waitress spanked me with a paddle! She didn't let me return the favor.
And, the sausage and schnitzel selection were great.  I view the Hofbrauhaus as an amusement park with benefits!


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