Thursday, December 8, 2011

From the Heart of the "Heart of it All" (Ohio)

Ohio is known as "The Heart of it All" because of the shape of the state and it's location in the center of the country.  Its capital is located centrally in the heart of the state.   And, in the middle of that city, is a very cool shopping complex called North Market.

With farmer's market stalls on the outside, and international foods and local crafts on the inside, this place is a can't miss in Columbus. James, the beloved host of the Better Beer Authority, took me there while I was visiting for the BBA holiday party

Inside, just to the left of the main entrance is The Barrel and Bottle wine and beer store. It is small, but has a really good selection. They also have three kegs for growler fills. When I was there I saw one from Columbus Brewing Company, Green Flash, and I forgot the third (sorry, it was the day after the BBA party and things were a bit foggy).

North Market is near a lot of the insurance buildings, the hockey arena, hotels and the convention center. It makes for a great lunch spot. Three of us went, I had lunch from the Polish place, James had Vietnamese, and Todd had some Middle Eastern food. Click the link for the North Market earlier in the post to see all the merchants.

I would recommend North Market to anyone visiting Columbus, or to someone who works near there to go for lunch. There are much bigger and better bottle shops in the Columbus area, but The Barrel and Bottle is worth a visit. They may even have your favorite beer available for a growler fill.


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