Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Need to Bring Sand to this Beach!

Err, don't bring beer to the beach, there are plenty of places to get great beer near Rehoboth and Dewey Beaches!

As you gear up to head to the beach for July 4th weekend, you will have to fight traffic leaving town, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Wilmington, or Philadelphia, you will most likely get stuck in traffic on Route 1 outside Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach.

Never fear, here is your beer guide to combat road rage.
Coming down RTE 1 southbound, you will find three places to satisfy your beer needs.

The first is the Pickled Pig Pub located just past the first set of outlets in a nondescript strip mall. They bill themselves as a gastro pub; though I have never had any food there. Their sister restaurant, Pig and Fish (eat like a pig, drink like a fish) in Rehoboth Beach has good eats, so I assume they have the same. They have a really good tap and bottle selection. On my visit last week, I had three beers I never tried before, two I really liked: The Fish Paralyzer Belgian Ale from RJ Rockers (South Carolina) and St. Victorious from Victory. Their website is up-to-date with their tap and bottle offerings.

As you slowly make your way south from Pickled Pig, you will find the hard-to-miss Atlantic Liquors. It is a legendary liquor store in Delaware. The selection of every kind of liquor, beer and wine there is amazing. This is the place to buy cases of craft beer and single bottles alike. For the most part, the employees there are most helpful. Be sure to go all the way to the back to see all the cases they sell (and bombers).
Please note that their website is flash driven and not the easiest site to navigate...refer to their Facebook page instead.

Continuing south from Atlantic Liquors is Timothy’s at the Beach, a tap house and raw bar. They have 36 taps! I had a decent dinner there and an Evolution Lucky 7 draft.  The waitress also gave me a sample of Blue Point Toasted Lager which was good.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rivertown Oatmeal Stout- Beer Review

Rivertown Oatmeal Stout is from a new brewery near Cincinnati. Brewer Chris Alltmont from Gordon Biersch Columbus helped us review it and gave us some insight about the role of oats in brewing beer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dispatched in Columbus: O-H... I-O!

To coincide with this week’s beer review of Elevator’s Dark Horse Lager, I have decided to do a beer travel guide for Columbus, Ohio - home to the Better Beer Authority!

In this blog, we tour the downtown Columbus craft beer scene by visiting Elevator Brewing Company, Columbus Brewing Company, and Barley’s Brewing Company.

With 11 brews available and an extensive dining menu, Elevator Brewing Company has a lot to offer. Come hungry and thirsty. They also offer tours for $20 on the third Saturday of each month.

The Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant is located near German Village and the Brewery District in downtown. With a full food menu and a number of their beer offerings, I would be surprised if anyone left unhappy. The first Thursday of each month, they have A Hop Odyssey. It is basically a special cask or draft tapping party. Sounds great to me!

Barley’s Brewing Company has two locations. Barley’s Ale House on High Street and Barley’s Smoke House on Dublin Road (3 miles away). Both offer food menus, and obviously the smokehouse is all about barbeque. But this blog is about beer! The list of offering between the two joints is extensive - taps from Columbus Brewing Company, Southern Tier, Breckenridge, and Founders. For bottles, they have offerings from Dogfish Head, Victory, Green Flash, Stone and more. Each location has its own beer list, so visit their websites to see which offerings suit your palate best.

Overall, I think you can put together a pretty good beer drinking night, or weekend together in Columbus.

Note: each brewing company's website has extensive directions and information.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Elevator Dark Horse Lager - Beer Review

Elevator Brewing Company is a great stop for people visiting Columbus, Ohio. Good food and good drinks in a historic atmosphere. They bottle their beer and distribute it mostly in Columbus - but - there reach is growing and I expect you will be able to find them in more places with each passing year.

It was originally brewed as a contract beer for Schmidt's Sausage Haus, but after winning a bronze medal in the Great American Beer Festival, Elevator decided to take this beer to the next level. Tune in and learn more about one of our local beers.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A KC Masterpiece, Boulevard Brewing!

About six months ago, well after Better Beer Authority climbed out of its infancy, I went on an unrelated business trip to Kansas City.  During my first lunch (at the Embassy Suites I was staying at), I asked the bartender my customary question when I first get to a watering hole in a new city, "What local beers do you have here?"



"Boulevard Lunar Ale" was his response.  So I ordered it and was quickly impressed.  The one thing I was looking forward to most in Kansas City was the BBQ, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I wasn't expecting to find a well-polished local brew.  I sampled another offering from Boulevard and I was hooked.  If I remember correctly, it was the Pale Ale.

Boulevard Brewery Pint GlassBefore I went back to my hotel room, I asked the concierge where the nearest beer store was; since it was a block away, I didn't hesitate to go buy more "samples."  I came back to my room with a nice variety of their beers.

As luck would have it, the conference's closing party was at the Boulevard Brewery itself! How awesome is that?!  It was a great time.  The party was in the Muehlebach Suite with two very important components (three, if you count the bathroom). A great circular bar with most of their offerings and a great outdoor balcony over the city.

Boulevard offers tours; though I didn't take any, I would in a heartbeat on my next trip to Kansas City. If you have done the tour, please comment and let the beer drinkers know how it was.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lindeman's Kriek Lambic - Beer Review

If you don't like beer, then this might be the perfect beer for you!

Another episode with the guys from Rivertown Brewing. Always cool to get there perspective on these world-famous beers.

Great episode to learn what a lambic is.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Columbus Beerfest 2011

The Columbus Beerfest is always a great event. Mark and Chef went and brought back this great report about the event.

Orlando's Real Magic: Beer!

On a recent trip to Orlando for a wedding, I found myself wondering what kind of beer can be found outside the Magic Kingdom. After a few wrong turns and a pit stop at a Chic-fil-a, I was in beer nirvana.

Knightly Spirits on South Orange Blossom Trail is definitely a theme park for beer fans. There are a few locations, but the aforementioned location is the beer Mecca. I haven’t seen a selection of bombers (pictured left) this big in any store, anywhere. Local labels for sale are Cigar City and Saint Anywhere.  There is also a good selection of Dogfish Head, Smutty Nose, Heavy Seas, to name a few.

Bottles from around the world included a couple different Polish porters, a Norwegian Sahti and a healthy dose of Belgium offerings.  Their 12 oz selection is equally superb. I picked up Bell’s Batch 10,000 ale.

When driving there, if you do not have a Florida Sun Pass, make sure to avoid the toll roads.

The person who answered my questions at Knightly Spirits recommended Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour to me, but I was unable to go.

After my visit to Knightly Spirits, I was thirsty, so on a recommendation from a colleague, I went to Orlando Brewing to sample their offerings in their taproom. Driving up to the brewery, I was skeptical I was in the right place at first, as it was in a pretty industrial area.

The taproom was large and welcoming. I ordered the 8 beer sampler plus one extra so I could try the stout. Since I am not a beer reviewer, I will leave the reviews for others. I really liked the dry porter and English pale ale. This is a great place to sample many different kinds of beers at one time. You can compare a pale ale, red ale, brown ale, and European Pilsner all at once.

They offer free tours at 6pm most evenings, but check with them to verify.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brew Review App for your Phone

Word on the street is that there is a new application (I hear the kids call them apps) for your iPhone that helps you rate beers.  I was sent a preview from Cory who is working on the app.  If you invite five friends to sign up for the app, then you get a copy of it for free.  Here is the link and a few screen shots from the web.

Brew Review App