Thursday, January 19, 2012

RVA's Beer Capital

one of the beer coolers behind the bar
When I went to school a decade ago in Richmond, VA, there were already some brew pubs and shops that sold a lot of imports.  I haven't been back too much since, but I did manage to stop for lunch on the way home from OBX.  And I was as delighted as ever to be in the home of my alma matter!

My traveling partner (thanks for the photos M!), suggested we go to Capital Ale House rather than the Cuban joint I wanted to hit up.  After looking at their tap list, I didn't hesitate.  After all, I could always stop at Kuba Kuba to get that Tres Leches cake that I had wanted to try after lunch.
taps behind the bar

The only problem with going to this place was the fact that I still had 100 miles left to drive after my visit.  Which meant I could only get one beer :(   I did make that beer count, Laughing Dog Dogzilla Black IPA.  M ordered the Bell's Winter White.  Both pretty good.  The beer menu is outstanding, I can sit here and list everything they have, but you should just check out their website.

One amazing thing about this place is that you can get growlers of anything they have on tap!  I saw a Dogfish Head tap take-over advertised, and you were even allowed to get growlers of Burton Baton, something the DFH Brew Pub in Rehoboth, DE doesn't allow!  Another great promo they have is Steal the Glass Tuesdays. With purchases from select breweries, you get to keep the logo pint glass!

The food was pretty good too.  There didn't seem to be too many light options....oh well!  I had a schnitzel sandwich on a pretzel roll.  My partner had a bacon cheeseburger.  Too bad she didn't share it, it looked amazing.

Drool if you must
Capital Ale House has four other locations in central Virgina. The restaurant is bigger than it appears.  The one thing I didn't like was that it was too dark for my liking inside.  Which is fine at night time, but not during a nice sunny day (or cold windy sunny day).  I wish CAH was around when I went to school in Richmond.

Next week, I prepare the college spring breakers on an old school Spring Break spot on where to get great beer...stay tuned.

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