Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ready for Spring Break in Florida?

The author at Knightly Spirits
While visiting a friend who lives in South Daytona Beach, I was on a mission to find some good beer places in the area, and I found them.  When you think Daytona, you might only think of Spring break, but if there are any craft beer enthusiasts who make the trip to this area, the BBA is here to help!

Where To Buy Beer:  
If you fly into Orlando, go straight to Knightly Spirits on South Orange Blossom Trail.  That is what I did, you can read about them in my previous travel blogs.

Once you get to the beach area, all of the craft beer places I am mentioning are west of the inter-coastal (a big river looking thing that divides the barrier lands adjacent to the ocean and the main land).

Port Orange is is a gold mine for drinking and buying craft beer.

ABC Port City
Andy's Liquor and Tobacco has a really good bomber selection and good single/six-pack options. They have a lot of Cigar City bombers, as well as Great Divide, Lagunitas, and Stone.  One massive drawback to Andy's, the prices. For example, everywhere I saw Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout, it was between $4.99-$5.99.  it was $8.99 at Andy's.  Everything there was marked up rather high.  But if you don't mind, then by all means, the selection is very good.

Not too far from Andy's is one of many ABC Fine Wine & Spirits stores at 1198 Dunlawton Avenue. This is a new location that is super clean and has ample space.  Plenty of singles available, and a nice cold beer selection to boot.  The selection isn't as good as Andy's but the prices are much better!

Bottle Caps is in Daytona in a neat little area attached to Mick's Tavern.  I only had a few minutes in the shop before I had to bolt to the airport, but it was a nice, cozy bottle shop with good prices and a helpful employee.  Make sure to check out this gem.  I wish I had more time to shop and more room in my luggage.

Where To Drink Beer:

I hit two bars for drinking, both in Port Orange.
House 4 Beer Taps

hmmmm, my first 4 beer sampler
House 4 Beer is a nice spot to sample a ton of different beers. Samples are served on a nice wooden plank, and either arranged in what beer to drink first, or how the taps are lined up on the wall.  The selection was great the day I was there.  I fell in love with Cigar City's Tocobaga, an amber, but hop forward beer.    The bartenders were really helpful and friendly.

World of Beer is a chain that is growing.  They didn't offer samples per say, but the friendly bartender did offer some up to us.  There had been a big event the day before and a lot of kegs had been kicked and/or replaced, but it was not indicated on the menu as it only changes on Fridays (I was there on a Sunday).  This was a bit frustrating a beer I wanted was not available.  Overall I really liked the bar and would go back,  Don't be off-put that it is a chain.  They have 21 locations with 9 coming soon.
World of Beer Bottles


Two blocks away from Bottle Caps is an awesome divey taco joint called Tia Coris.  Go and thank me later!


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