Friday, March 9, 2012

BBA Delaware Road Trip, Part 2, Rehoboth Beach

L-R: Mark, Joby, DH, RH, Scott, Mitch, Chef, James taking picture. @DFH
After our first day of brewery tours and interviews, we were tired and parched.  Following a short rest, we each had a Dogfish Head Aprihop that Sam gave us.  It was bottled that very day.  I had not had it in a while, and forgot how good it is.

We walked 10 minutes from the beach house to the Dogfish Head Brew Pub and Eats.  Sam's kindness extended even there.  No reservations are accepted at the busy restaurant, but there was a table waiting for us.  It must have looked cheesy with eight dudes walking into a restaurant wearing the same t-shirt.  But we had to represent!

We hit this trip at a perfect time.  The weather was unseasonably great, we saw 120 Minute IPA getting bottled, and visiting the DFH Brew Pub on Fridays is the best day of the week.  They bust out Randall, a contraption they invented where you run a tap through fresh hops before it enters your pint glass.  The few times that I have been there with Randall, including this night, they had 90 Minute run through fresh cascade hops.  It adds an incredible aroma that was sublime, and tasted surreal.  All eight of us enjoyed this as our first pint at the pub.

Our waitress was incredible.  A lot of us ordered a number of samples, pints, and vintage bottles, and she kept track of everything.  The food at the pub is pretty good.  I have always liked the calamari and salmon sandwich.
Service is usually pretty solid too, even though it is always very crowded.

Some great things to note at the brew pub:  They usually have 1-3 brew pub exclusives on tap.  When we were there they had Positive Contact 2, Flux Capacitor, and Black Lodge.  I have also been there when they had a 2008 120 Minute on tap.  Try comparing that to a fresh pour of 120, it is interesting.  They also have Sam's secret stash.  Vintage bottles for sale that are to only be consumed at the brew pub.  We shared a 2007 World Wide Stout and a 2008 Palo Santo.  This is the place for all DFH enthusiasts  There is also a small swag shop where you can buy growler fills, 4 packs, 6 packs, bombers, cases of beer, t-shirts, taps, bottle openers, signs, hats......

Sam, thank you for the first round!  Truly a classy guy!

Scott's seafood dish
Next, a few of us went to Henlopen City Oyster House for some beers.  Just two blocks from the ocean, this is one of the best places to eat and drink at in Rehoboth Beach.  The owner, Chris, is really cool and has an awesome beer program going on.  He bought a lot of empty casks and sends them to brewers around the country.  One time they had Hop Head Read on cask from Green Flash.  It was damn good.  The night we went there, he had Hop Rod Rye from Bear Republic.  It was really good.  That night, he also tapped a 2009 Double Bastard from Stone.  Holy smokers was that good!  Overall there are about 10 taps there and a really dedicated bottle list.

The food at Henlopen City Oyster house is really good, and the oyster selection is outstanding.  The oysters are so fresh, you don't need the good cocktail sauce and mignonette they are served with, the oysters speak for themselves.

I wasn't there the next night but half of the BBA crew went for dinner their and had an amazing time. Scott posted a picture of a seafood dish that was exquisite and the boys sampled each of the oyster shooters..

Chris and bartenders Jamie and Amy (apologies if I spelled your names wrong), are a great staff.  Seriously, do not miss this place!

After a lot of beers, we ended up at the Frogg Pond where I lost my shirt and James sang karaoke! 
yes, I gave the shirt of my back for a free shot!

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to leave the next day to attend to family matters in New York, so for the time being, there will not be a travel blog about Evolution and Dominion Breweries, yet....I will make a point to visit each!  Word form the BBA crew was that both breweries welcomed the crew with open arms.


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