Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bell's Hopslam | Crafty Beer Reviews: Intro + Episode #1

Hi guys my name is Jonathan (better known as TheeJohnnyG on YouTube) and once a week I will be posting my beer reviews from YouTube on here. I really enjoy all the content that BBA puts out and I was happy to get the chance to post on here with them in support of good beer.

Before I get to the video I would like to share a little of my history with craft beer and beer in general. (NOTE: It's a little long so feel free to skip to the video below.) 

Like many people I began drinking beer, but not for the taste. Me and my friends would always drink whatever macro produced beer was cheapest and I never knew any better. It wasn't about taste because I didn't think beer could have much of a taste.

After a few years I began to "experiment" with other breweries that I thought were on a higher scale (Heineken, Red Stripe, etc.) and provided me with more flavor. They were better, but nothing amazing and then I started taking notice of my first craft breweries. I knew there had to be something else out there and Sierra Nevada, Flying Dog, Samuel Adams and Magic Hat were the first craft breweries that caught my attention when I would visit the grocery store. 

I can't quite remember my very first craft beer, but I do remember my first "epiphany" moment; Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog. It was the first time that I sipped on a beer and really enjoyed all of the nuances instead of just chugging something ice cold. I felt like my palate had been kept in the dark all these years and all of a sudden it was awakened to new and incredibly tasty flavors; I didn't know beer could taste GOOD. Ever since that beer, IPAs have been my favorite style and I still look back on Snake Dog and am eternally grateful my friend brought that for me to try. 

It's been 4 years since then and my palate, knowledge and passion has grown every year. I really and truly love craft beer and I'm excited about sharing information and "converting" people to the cause. Thankfully my current close circle of friends have all been very open-minded and gotten into craft beer just as much as me. I'm discovering new beers, breweries and cool folks all the time and that's all thanks to the wonderful craft beer community!

So, now that everyone has stopped reading and/or been put to sleep, I will post the video. Thanks for reading and I apologize if it was a bit long-winded; I'm just passionate about beer.

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