Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rivertown Brewing Company - Interview Jason Roeper

The Columbus Beerfest is coming up Saturday, August 25th at the LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio. I recommend that you head to and see if they have any tickets left. They are going to have tons of great local breweries, food trucks and music and I expect Craig Johnson, the organizer of the event, will put on another amazing event.

Well, the excitement of the upcoming festivities inspired me to take a look back into the BBA archive.

Last January, the Better Beer Authority went to the Columbus Winter Beerfest and interviewed a ton of great brewers. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the audio and the interviews didn't turn out like I had hoped. After looking at one of the old interviews with Jason Roeper from Rivertown Brewing Company in Cincinnati, I decided that the content of the interview outweighed the distorted audio. I'm putting it out there so you can decide for yourself. Feel the excitement of the beerfest and learn what it's like to open up a new brewery from a guy who had the guts to do it himself. Enjoy!


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