Friday, September 21, 2012

What Cheers! - Who Says You Can't Have Beer For Breakfast?

This is where it starts to get fun. Founders Breakfast Stout. This is a beer that wants you to drink it first thing in the morning. That's what I'm talking about! I'll take a cold beer over hot coffee any day of the week. This beer reminds me of the times when there wasn't anyway to purify water, so alcohol was actually the safer beverage. Start off the day with a nice, cold beer and don't stop until your head hits the pillow. Man that must have been fantastic! 

This is my first time tasting the Breakfast Stout and to kick this series off right we decided to make it a vertical. That's right, we have both a 2012 and a 2011 bottle here and it is very interesting to see how this one has changed. I was honestly very surprised. Join us as we jump head first into our first review. We think you will enjoy it. Cheers!


  1. just 2 nights ago I had a 1 year old bottle of breakfast stout. I don't think it aged well, but it didn't age bad. I just wanted to do it to see what the chocolate and coffee would be like in a year. those are typically two things that dont sit well in the cellar.

  2. Yeah, that's exactly how we felt. It was still a great stout after 1 years time, but the coffee dropped off the map. I felt like the dark chocolate really held up though. I think it made a great beer, but if you want Breakfast Stout for what it's meant to be, don't age it.


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