Monday, October 1, 2012

What Cheers! - Yankee Candle May As Well Just Hire Me...

Barrel-Aged beers are in a category among themselves. They are so wildly different from the base style that you can't even compare the two styles. Drink a BA Barleywine and a traditional Barleywine side by side and it's almost like night and day. But when beer meets barrel, particularly a barrel that has had other forms of alcohol sitting in it for years, the results are magical.

The aroma alone is truly outstanding. The bourbon-barrel comes together very nicely with the "Imperial  Special Bitter." While there is still a hint of the original DBA, Firestone Walker really does a good job of turning this beer into an American Strong Ale. Plenty of fruity notes to compliment the barrel-aging process and create and outstanding beer.

[via What Cheers!]


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