Sunday, May 19, 2013

Retirement Announcement

James Knott announces his retirement from the Better Beer Authority and posting other videos on a regular basis here on Youtube.

There will still be new videos posted on this channel, but it just won't happen as frequently. So, please continue to subscribe so you can be notified when new videos are posted.


  1. Thanx for all the great videos. Good luck with your new adventure! Btw - you have to try Thrillseeker IPA from Beechwood BBQ in Long Beach. We did a side by side taste test with Plyny the Elder and Thrillseeker was way better.

  2. James, you're a star. Your clever and thoughtfully funny hosting questions and mannerisms ought to be included in a textbook for aspiring talk show hosts. I can't believe someone isn't paying you a lot of $ to do your thing.


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