Sunday, June 30, 2013

Channel Update #2 (I'm back baby!) | Crafty Beer Reviews

My second channel update! Here, I discuss some changes to my format that I'm considering. Anyone who watches this video please please please comment! It's very important! Thanks so much for watching and supporting me!

Channel Update #1 (I missed you guys!) | Crafty Beer Reviews

Hey guys! So you may (or may not) have noticed that I have been absent from the site for awhile. Well, I lost my internet but I'm back! Please watch the whole video and COMMENT! THIS IS IMPORTANT! Thanks for all the support!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Budweiser Black Crown - Blind Taste Test

Budweiser Black Crown is one of the newer beers from Anheuser Busch. Is is a completely different turn for them or just Budweiser in a darker bottle. We've reviewed it in a blind taste test format, so you can get the real story without all the marketing hype.

Monday, June 24, 2013


10% alcohol. Introduced in 1997. Brewed in Belgium.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Smuttynose Farmhouse Ale

And here we go...  Enjoy!


4.5% alcohol. Brewed in England.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Phoenix, brief review

I went to the Phoenix area for a day of board meetings for a conference I am a board member of.  All day I sat in an Arizona State University library conference room listening to other people talk.  Luckily, the day before I was able to find two great beer venues worth telling you about.

I didn't know much about the craft beer scene in Phoenix, so I reached out to @beerkristine who lives in the area for recommendations.  She did not disappoint, but sadly, I couldn't get to all of her recommendations.

On my way from a meeting in Scottsdale to Phoenix, I stopped for lunch at O.H.S.O Eatery and Nano Brewery.  It is a fairly new place, but I was impressed.  I bellied up to the bar, and received good service from the bartender.  His recommendations were on point.  He recommended the green chili tacos, and they were great, probably the best thing I ate on my West Coast swing (I also hit San Diego, blog to come).
O.H.S.O bar

The weather was perfect, and the garage doors on the front of the restaurant were open.  O.H.S.O has four of their own brews on tap, plus a large variety of Arizona craft beers and an assortment of beers from around the country and Belgium.  I sample all of their beers and a good selection of Arizona beers.  I had to take it easy and only drink small samples since I still had to drive.  The O.H.S.O beers were solid and worth trying.  Nothing Earth shattering, but really well made craft beer.

Since this trip was in early February, I can't remember all the beers I tried.  One beer that stuck out was Sonoran's White Chocolate Ale.  The smell was decadent, but the flavor and mouth feel were light and crisp.  For an IPA guy like myself, I still don't know why this hit the spot.

I left O.H.S.O and checked into a dingy motel near the airport (not my choice, but it is where the other board members stayed).  Luckily the bottle shop @beerkrisitne recommended, Tops Liquor in Tempe was about a mile away on the same road at La Quinta Inn.  (On a side note, the La Quinta Inn wasn't too bad...the free wifi was excellent).

Tops Liquor store is in the running for 2013 BBA bottle shop of the year.  The selection was awesome.  I have to hand it to them, due to their proximity to ASU, they have to keep a lot of cheaper BMC labels  to whet the appetite of college students, but the craft selection far exceeded my expectations.  Stone's Enjoy By was readily available (I think they got over 70 cases), as were labels I can't fathom getting on the East Coast, i.e Deschutes, Lost Abbey, Knee Deep and all of those Arizona brews.  I even found the Deschutes-Hair of the Dog collaboration that is a must try for people who liked barrel aged beers (this one was aged in 5-6 different types of barrels before it was bottled.

Next to Tops Liquor is their pub, Taste of Tops.  I didn't go it as I had to get back to the hotel, pack my beers for shipping home, and go to dinner.  If I am back in Phoenix area again, Taste of Tops will likely be my first visit.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yazoo Sly Rye Porter - Blind Taste Test

Yazoo Sly Rye Porter was sent to us from Tennessee and just by coincidence I had visited this brewery when I was in town for a wedding. However, this is a blind taste test, so my nostalgic feelings for this beer couldn't get in the way of the honest opinions of our reviewers. Find out whether they thought this beer was cat's pajamas in this fun episode of the Better Beer Authority.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


5.2% alcohol. 21 IBU. Introduced in 1894. Brewed in Belgium. An InBev brand.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stone Old Guardian Vertical Tasting (2009-2013) | Crafty Beer Reviews: Episode #100

Ok guys, this is the big one.....EPISODE #100!!! I can't believe it. Thanks so much for all the support! It really means a lot! I know this is a huge episode, but we're trying a big vertical of Stone Old Guardian and I would really appreciate you watching until the end! Please continue the support and thanks sooooooo much for watching!!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


6.8% alcohol. 80 IBU. Brewed in Oregon.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Henniker Brewing Co. Hop Slinger IPA

Just a review of a local beer. Enjoy.

Ommegang Gnomegang

This was quite the tasty treat... Enjoy!