Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Introducing the new BBA!

Welcome to the new BBA. After James suddenly announced that he was ending the BBA a few of us thought it was too soon to let it die, so after some planning and some people stepping forward we have found a way to keep the BBA. The first thing you should know is that the BBA is moving from Columbus, OH to Northern Virginia/Washington, DC. Our mission is and always will be to provide honest reviews and have a good time. We won’t be swayed by what the marketing of a beer tells us what to think.

While we won't be able to replicate the luxurious Columbus set that James put together, we do plan on bringing something different to the table. First we will continue the panel reviews, most of them will be done blindly. We will do more onsite shoots and reviews. For example, we’ll shoot episodes from bottle shops with the beer curators introducing beers to us (maybe even offer a BBA discount?). We’ll also be doing beer reviews at breweries with owners and brewers taking us through their range of beers, and lastly going to beer events. Above all else, it will be a fun ride and we are open to any ideas.

Subscribe now to the new BBA Youtube page, please note that we will release our first video in early January http://www.youtube.com/TheBetterBeerAuth

Introducing your BBA
From time to time we will be doing online reviews with BBA favorite such as Chef, Mark Smith, James (if we beg hard enough), Ryan, and maybe others, as well as introduce new reviewers to the fold.

David Hartogs – has been social media director and producer with the BBA since October 2011, and has appeared on a few episodes of BBA. A college roommate of James and loves beer and surfing. David lives in Arlington, VA and has been homebrewing for two years. Favorite styles include west coast style IPAs, big stouts, but loves all styles and is not picky.

Richard Hartogs – has been travel writer for BBA since 2011, and a constant contributor to the BBA Facebook page. Richard has appeared in a few episodes of the BBA when visiting James in Ohio. He is also the organizer for the DC area MeetUp Group, Beer Heads with over 600 members. Rich loves all styles of beer and can somehow get his hands on many a rare beer.  He travels to Europe twice a year and is always on the go.

Andrew Lewandowski – grew up in Toledo, OH (same city as BBA founder James Knott) and is as avid a beer geek as they come. Currently living in Northern Virginia, he has enjoyed searching and trying as many different styles of beer as possible through beer trades, brewery tours, and large tasting with friends. A homebrewer for nearly 2 years, Andrew likes to put his personal spin on what he brews while informing others about how beer can more than just the standard BMCs.


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