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Brew & A with DC Brau's Brandon Skall

courtesy DC Brau Facebook page
DC Brau was the first production brewery to open up in Washington, DC in about 60 years. They made a national name for themselves with their Imperial IPA, On the Wings of Armageddon, which made the BBA top 10 list for 2013 (#6) . Local to us in Northern Virginia, we had some burning questions we wanted to ask them.  Brandon Skall was gracious enough to take time and answer our questions.

courtesy DC Brau Facebook page


Better Beer Authority (BBA_:  On The Wings of Armageddon has become a massive hit and one of those beers that craft beer fans across the country are trying to get their hands on. Did you guys suspect that you had something special on your hands after the first couple of releases? 

Brandon Skall (DC): We really liked the beer ourselves but we weren’t expecting the nationwide clamoring that ensued. We are very proud to make OTWOA and we will continue to make more of it as we expand our hop contract on Falconer’s Flight. The first time we released it in cans was crazy. People were tailgating in the parking lot and the line to get inside the tasting room went around the building. 

BBAYou just expanded distribution to Philadelphia.  For our Philly fans, what can they expect from DC Brau in the future, will any of the collaboration kegs make it there?  How has the reception been to DC Brau in the city of brotherly love?

DC: The Philly reception has been incredible. We have been met with open arms. We have shipped them up some OTWOA and we do plan to get them some of the specialty brews sooner rather than later. Both Jeff and I have deep ties to the city of brotherly love so we are really happy to be sold there. 
courtesy DC Brau Facebook page

BBAYou have done a lot of collaborations.  Ska Brewing in Colorado, Epic in Salt Lake/Denver, and locally with Whole Foods and others.  How does DC Brau benefit from doing these collaborations.  What collaborations are on the horizon?

DC: I think the benefits are immeasurable. Collaboration represents an ethos in our industry, right now. Not only do we get to learn from each other when we collaborate but we also get to be inspired by other brewers creativity and innovation, and vise versa. This year we will be working again with Stillwater and a few new collaborations that I have to keep top secret at the moment. 

BBAAny chance you'd be willing to do a collaboration with a certain beer review show *COUGH* BBA *COUGH*?
DC: We would love to but we unfortunately just do not have the space right now at the facility. We have already planned out or specialty brews and collabs for the year. 
editors note:  We were partly joking....doesn't hurt to ask!
courtesy DC Brau Facebook page

BBAWe loved DC Beer Week last year, There were so many events featuring national brands and really focusing on Washington DC beers.  It may be a long time from now, but are there any events in the works for the 2014 DC Beer Week?

DC: I guarantee we WILL be doing our crab fest again this year. We love that event. Jeff and I are both big time crab pickers and we wouldn’t miss the chance to throw this event for the 3rd year in a row.  We will definitely be doing multiple events every night (as in years past). Nothing else has been planned yet but I assure you we will be busy. 

BBAPersonally, I was a big fan of your draft only release, Alpha Domina Melis. Any plans to bring that back or possibly can it?

DC: Yes, we brewed that with Honey from Burnside Farms. Next time we get some of their harvest we will definitely be brewing it again!

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